Sports Massage

Sports Massage Pure Nature Cures
Sports Massage

Sports (or Remedial) Massage was originally developed to help athletes prepare themselves for a performance, function well during an event, or to recover from injuries.

It is a kind of massage where deep tissue work and trigger point therapy are commonly used. The main purpose of  Sports massage is to alleviate stress and tension which build up in the body during exercise or other types of physical activity.

These days a lot of non-athletes go for Sports massage since they see it as a way to address long-term problems, such as back pain, muscle tension, recurrent cramps, congestion in various areas of the body. In most cases, the problem has become too bad to use normal massage techniques on it, so deeper techniques are used.

Sports massage is a great way to address a specific problem – for example, tension in the calf muscles from running, back problems, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, runner’s knee – to name but a few. The techniques used during the procedure include stretching, compression, toning, friction. Trigger point techniques are used as well if necessary. A skilled therapist will assess the condition and will use the techniques which would help alleviate it.

Different techniques and procedures are used for professional sports people in the general maintenance, pre-event, during the event, and post-event treatments. For the general public, in most cases, it would involve a general restorative treatment where certain techniques can be used if needed.


  • Alleviation of general aches and pains
  • Relief from pain resulting from injuries
  • Improved circulation
  • Relaxation of muscles and tendons
  • Removal of uric acid and other products of metabolic activity
  • Relief from congestion and muscle tension
  • Increased vitality.

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