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Content creators welcome
Content contributors welcome!

We welcome contributors of interesting, original content to our blog.


This is a great opportunity for you to get exposure to our readership and to be part of the Natural Healers Community which we aim to create in order to help grow each other’s businesses and customer base.


Please submit your article via the contact form  or by email – admin at purenaturecures dot com for our approval. Send it as a plain text message within your email (not as an attachment) if you are submitting it by email. Mention your name, your area of expertise and your business website address. Your details will be added to the blog article if it is approved. For security reasons, we do not open attachments or live links.



Your article should be original and cover any subject connected with natural health, beauty, mental health or spiritual development. It also should be long enough (450-800 words) and of clear benefit to our readers. You can look at the categories we already have in the widget area on the right. If we don’t yet have a category which your area of expertise relates to, it will be added to the blog once your article is approved for publication.


Thank you! 🙂


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