Eating Low Carb – Five Days On…


Eating low carbIt has been five days since I started eating low carb, so I thought I’d post an update about what I have been eating and how it made me feel. I must admit that it has been a bit of a rollercoaster, both physically and emotionally! Here is how it all started…


Feeling sick


Two days into eating low carb I started feeling sick. It was a nagging feeling of nausea. I did read about the “keto flu”, so considered it too. But I feel that I felt sick because of such a drastic change to what I had been eating, plus mistakes made in my first days of eating low carb.

I think that I got a bit over-enthusiastic with pecan nuts and protein – especially meat. Before I started, I didn’t eat much meat at all. I kind of weaned myself off it, having replaced it with eggs and fish. But excluding carbs made me hungry, and I replaced them with meat. By the end of two days of eating loads of pecans and meat I felt seriously sick and dizzy. I guess I was dehydrated too, since protein takes water out of the body. Plus, I drink coffee. Not instant – ground. I love coffee, but have to make sure that I drink enough water and add salt to my meals. I use Himalayan salt for its mineral content – it’s so much better, and also tastier than sea salt! I’ll talk about it in more detail a bit later.


Can I get used to eating low carb?


I love my carbs! My breakfast would normally include two soft boiled eggs and a couple of small baked potato cakes (no fat in them). I used to avoid fat – like a bit of butter on top of the toasted potato cakes – thinking that I needed to keep my calories down. So giving up on carbs has been hard, especially in the first 3 days.


I keep asking myself – can I get used to having no carbs in my diet? I mean the carbs I am used to eating every day. In the US and Canada low carb is more popular than in the UK, so there is a bigger choice of foods in the shop. Try walking down supermarkets in London! My trip to Morrisons yesterday was futile. I was looking for substitutes to my potato cakes – or some kind of bread, bagels, whatever… No luck! I guess I will have to look for recipes and get baking! If I am to stick with it, I need some variety, and this is what I am missing at the moment. It’s no fun eating eggs and salad all the time! 🙁


The fruit dilemma


I was – and still am – desperately craving fruit which used to be a staple food in my diet. I love fruit and used to buy loads of it – watermelons, apricots, peaches, grapes, clementines  and what not! And eat lots of them! I suspect that eating so much fruit was perhaps causing my blood sugar going up and down which used to result in food cravings and eating more than my body needed. But I do miss it, and question still remains if I can get used to not having fruit as part of my daily meals. I guess I will have to weigh up the advantages of being lighter and healthier compared to eating loads of fruit every day.


How much fat should I eat?


Eating low carb means 70% of energy needs to come from fat. That made me both worry and wonder from the start! Wouldn’t it make you think that you virtually had to eat food dripping with fat, or eating lard with a spoon? Well, that was my first thought! 😀  Apparently, not so! While some people eat deep fried lo carb foods like bacon while on low carb, it is absolutely not necessary, and you can opt for foods rich in what most of us consider “healthy” fat – found in avocados, cold pressed oil, oily fish like salmon and sardines, nuts (except peanuts – I need to investigate why not) and many other alternatives. The other thing is butter – it surely needs to come back into your diet if it hasn’t yet! And if you are a vegetarian or a vegan, there is still a big choice of healthy fats for you.


How much water should we drink? Is salt good for us? 


The short answer is – yes, we can. But wait – haven’t we been told since we were little to drink plenty of water? We have been! So how much water should we drink? The rough estimate is about 8 glasses of it. However, it also depends on your frame. The bigger we are, the more water we require. However, it is important to not overdo it with water.


When I started feeling dizzy and weak this morning, I thought that something was not quite right. I must admit that I was drinking a lot of water throughout the day. More than 8 glasses I think. So on today’s Weight Loss Motivation Class with Lynn I asked a question why I could be feeling weak, and she suggested that I should up my intake of sodium (salt). You see, our body absolutely needs electrolytes in order to function and keep the balance between blood and plasma fluid. When we drink too much water our blood loses elecrolytes and becomes thick. If it happens too often, blood clots can happen. When we eat too much sodium, the blood volume expands, which can lead to the thinning of blood, its decreased ability to clot (also a bad thing), and also high blood pressure. So keeping a balance between salt and water is very important! 🙂


The best way to check if we are drinking enough water is to see what our urine looks like. If it is too dark, we need to drink more water. If it is too light in colour – slow down, and perhaps add a bit more salt into your diet. As I have said earlier, Himalayan salt is my favourite.



Main takeaway from eating low carb


The main thing is not to get obsessed with it, and to have fun. So far I am failing in terms of fun. But my goal to slim down to my healthy weight should keep me going no matter what, and I am sure that I will learn to have fun eating low carb, so do come back to find out what I have learned in the process! 🙂

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