90-day Low Carb Challenge & My Keto Bread Basket

Low Carb Challenge - toasted tortilla chips with chilli dip

Low carb toasted tortilla chips with chilli dip

Today I got a reminder that the 90-Day Low Carb Challenge hosted by Lynn Terry starts on 5 September (see details below). I signed up for it some time ago, and have been looking forward to it, so feeling excited!


I believe that it’s a good idea to run the Low Carb Challenge for 90 days, since habits take time to acquire. Plus, 90 days is long enough to see considerable results. And what better time to find yourself lighter and healthier than before Christmas? πŸ˜‰


My own “Low Carb Challenge” – update

I have been eating low carb for 6 weeks now. Last time I weighed myself about 10 days ago I found out that I had lost 3kg (7 lbs) in 3 weeks. Even though it may have been partly water, it made me happy. I was losing hope that I would ever start shedding the pounds!


I haven’t weighed myself since then. I am waiting for a visible shift before I do it again – measured by how my clothes sit on me. I know it’s childish, and very unscientific, but I want to be encouraged, not discouraged. Hopping on the scales every day will just lead to neurosis. πŸ˜€


Whether you join the 90-day Low Carb Challenge or not, I will be sharing my results here.Β  Maybe it will inspire you to consider cutting carbs out of your diet, or even cutting down. I don’t have a habit of embellishing or hiding anything. I want to see for myself how it works, whether it works for me, and what I can gain from it. This is why I say it as it is.


Carb Zone Bread


Today I have received my recent order from Amazon. It includes 2 packs of Carb Zone bread, plus something I am willing to try. I stopped using Amazon Prime a couple of months ago. The reason for it is that I was not ordering from Amazon frequently enough to justify paying Β£96 a year. I think it’s what it comes to, at Β£7.99 a month. However, I have found some nice goodies which I am thinking of ordering regularly. Without Prime I have to buy Β£20 of products to qualify for free shipping. So maybe I need to sign up for it again.


Back to my goodies… The Carb Zone bread is just amazing. It comes in a pack of 3 loaves (6 pieces each) – 750g in total, at Β£6 for the lot at the moment. I think I have already mentioned that it reminds me so much of German rye bread I used to eat before starting to eat low carb. 2 pieces (132 calories each) is more than enough for one day, since it is very rich and nutritious – without being heavy. I love bread and was missing it most. Not anymore! And guess where it’s coming from – Germany (just like the bread I stopped eating 6 weeks ago)! πŸ˜€




I eat it by toasting it for a couple of minutes, and then spreading butter over it. It goes so well with a slice of Edam cheese and a cup of coffee, scrambled eggs with a slice of smoked salmon on top, salt beef with some home-made mayo, mustard and gerkins, and what not. You can certainly use it as a base for a quick meal. At only 0.4 carbs per 50g slice, it is very keto-friendly.


Low Carb Tortilla Wraps


My second aquizition was Carb Zone Low Carb Tortilla Wraps. It comes as a 2-pack, 320g each. I haven’t tried it yet, since I have eaten quite enough for today, but tomorrow I already have a recipe in mind, and it is very healthy! The good thing is that I won’t feel deprived anymore. Mediterranean salad, feta and hummus wraps are amazingly tasty, nutritious and keep you full for ages.



Then I can also make a Mexican-style wrap, with veggie “pulled meat”, red beans, salad leaves, chilli paste and avocados.Β  Please feel free to share your ideas! πŸ™‚


Bread Mix – time to start baking!


My third purchase was a pack of Atkins Low Carb, High Protein Bread Mix. I love baking my own bread, and have been missing it since I started my new nutrition regime. So I might make some bread when I run out of the supplies I’ve bought. They need to be eaten first, even though it doesn’t matter really, since they are in the freezer now.



With home-made bread, I love it freshly baked, with some butter on top. Nothing else! The following day I toast it and eat with whatever meal there is – poached or fried eggs, soup or salad. Sometimes I have it with a piece of freshly fried fish and some salad on the side. Or even with a bit of hummus on top. Or how about some sardines with a bit of squeezed lemon? So many ideas, and I am not even hungry! πŸ˜€


So, to wrap it up, remember that the 90-day Low Carb Challenge starts on 5 September. To sign up, go to www.90daylowcarbchallenge.com. Even if you don’t join, check it out anyway. Someone you know might be interested. Catch up in a day or two! πŸ™‚




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