My Low Carb Journey – Slow Transformation


My Low Carb Journey - Transformation Has BegunIt has been eight days since the beginning of my low carb journey into a lighter, healthier me. I have decided not to use the scales for now – at least not until I see substantial changes. So I cannot update you on how many kilos I have lost (if any). I guess I have lost a few pounds, since the ring on my ring finger which used to sit pretty tightly can be easily taken off. Is it fat or water? I don’t know and to be honest don’t care. Although little gains cheer me on, they won’t distract me from the main goal – to see massive results from my low carb journey!


Having to do without my favourites


To be honest, I am still getting used to not eating carbs as such. Before the start of my low carb journey, my diet used to be quite simple and included 2 small potato cakes plus 2 boiled eggs and a cup of filter coffee in the morning. I love Warburton’s potato cakes and used to eat them for brekafast, lunch and dinner. Not anymore! It does feel like a loss which I am still getting used to it. The thing is – I haven’t found anything to replace them with. Eating just protein and veggies fills me with boredom. I need to create some “staple” low carb alternative to my potato cakes. So I will start researching. Lynn’s blog is so full or yummy recipes that I am sure I will find something that will make my meal times more exciting. And there is also her Facebook group of course – with people posting recipes, before and after pictures of themselves and just simply supporting each other.


My other favourite I find hard to live without is fruit. I used to eat so much fruit before I’d started the low carb that having to do without fruit is a big deal to me. The berries I am “allowed” to eat – that’s just not enough. But I guess I will have to learn to replace them with green veggies and be happy about it. That’s a bit of a dampener in the meantime. πŸ™


“Keto flu” – have I had it yet?


Hmmm… I have been doing the right things, not eating carbs, eating plenty of “good fat” in the form of nuts – pecans and others, adding coconut oil to my tea and coffee, but so far I haven’t experienced the symptoms of the so-called “flu” – apart from feeling sick on the second day of my new eating regime. But I think it was just too early for it then. I will let you know if I have it – whenever it happens. I’ve been told that it can take up to two weeks. If not – I may have had a mild form of “keto flu” which I haven’t even noticed! I must say – I do have a headache now and again, but I drink filter coffee occasionally, so it could be because of it. Having given up on so many things I like, I am not prepared to give up on coffee yet, especially considering that it has a number of health benefits, and I drink no more than 3 cups a day of good (not instant!) coffee. πŸ™‚


My low carb journey – what I’ve noticed


It’s interesting to see how fast our bodies begin to change in only a few days of eating low carb! Here’s what I’ve noticed in myself:


  • I am feeling lighter. Not much, but enough to notice. I can pull on a dress which used to be a bit tight on me with much less effort. Then there is also a change in my fingers and ankles. They look thinner. My chin and cheek bones are getting more prominent. When I stand sideways, I can see that the stomach is becoming flatter. My arms are getting thinner. I have started doing daily exercises with the weights to make them look more toned.
  • More clarity in my head – I don’t know why eating low carb clears up the “brain fog”. Could it be the gluten in wheat that most of us eat so much of ? Or maybe there is a connection between the way the brain works and carbohydrate metabolism? I am still to find it out. Whatever the answer, I love my new “sharp” state of mind! I just need to learn to go to bed earlier (at least before 3am!).
  • My moments of joy –Β  a couple of days ago I was riding my bicycle and had an amazing feeling of freedom, joy and hope. It was an interesting sensation I hadn’t felt it for a long time. I am looking forward to experiencing more moments like this as I am getting on with my low carb journey! πŸ™‚
  • Energy – not a big shift yet… I haven’t noticed that my energy has gone up much – not yet. Maybe a little. But I am not very disciplined with my bedtime, going to bed at 3-4am. I love reading, and am now reading a captivating novel by a Russian classical writer Alexander Kuprin – The Duel. Last night I spent 2 hours reading in bed, and then couldn’t fall asleep until 5! Not good, but falling asleep early is a big challenge! πŸ™
  • Feeling in charge – it’s amazing how my low carb journey has made me feel much more in charge of my life and choices. Having been on a diet more than once, the feeling of failure is all to familiar to me. Doing low carb is not so taxing on my system, since it doesn’t make me go hungry, so I feel that I can continue with it indefinitely – if my body responds positively (which it already does)



What I might change and add to what I already do


  • Since the fruit craving is strong, I might add more berries to my daily meals. Actually, I love mixed frozen berries (blackcurrants and blackberries) added to hot water with some sweetener. I don’t think it’s going to ruin my routine. These berries are low in sugar, and a handful of them in my tea twice a day would do me good anyway.
  • I am going to start counting my nutrient intake. So far I haven’t done it yet, for a reason – to get used to not eating carbs. I am going to start counting my nutrients using one of the nutrient counters recommended by Lynn Terry. I am going to start doing it tomorrow.
  • I am going to make my diet more interesting. At the moment it is dull, lacking variety. Plus, I am still eating too much of protein containing foods. I need to add more vegetables to my meals, and make them interesting.


So these will be my tasks for the next few days. I will let you know how it goes, so do come back to read updates about my low carb journey! πŸ™‚


If you are interested in starting low carb yourself, check out this page on Lynn’s blog.Β  And one more tip – if you feel anxious when you start eating low carb (it happens, believe me!), I suggest either taking a good magnesium supplement, applying magnesium oil on the skin or taking a magnesium bath or foot bath.Β  Any of these will help relieve anxiety and promote relaxation. Epsom salt or magnesium chloride salt / oil will all be good for it. Read more about ways to use magnesium salts.


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