My Low Carb Nutrition – Gains & Losses So Far


Low carb nutritionIn one of my previous posts about low carb nutrition, I shared concerns about not losing weight.Β  Having read Dr Mercola’s articles, I had come to a conclusion that I was eating too much protein. This would have been replacing the energy my body was not getting from the missing carbs – and interfering with ketosis. This would have been stalling my weight loss. Plus – eating too much protein is almost always bad for the kidneys!


Back to tracking nutrients


I started recording every day what had been going into my mouth using MyFitnessPal, and yes – I had indeed been eating too much protein. I had to make changes fast if I were to get on track with my weight loss! So I continued recording and adjusting the carb/fat/protein ratio. I discovered that I was eating twice the daily recommended amount of protein, half the amount of recommeded fat and a bit too many carbs (my goal was 16 grams, and I was eating about 23 grams every day).




I upped my fat intake – in the form of walnuts, pecan and pine nuts, unrefined sunflower oil (as a salad dressing), goat’s butter with my breakfast eggs, avocados, salmon and coconut oil in my tea and coffee (I drink only natural coffee). Eating more fat had helped to curb my appetite (gain #1). This meant I was less likely to overeat protein-rich foods (gain #2). After all, it’s hard to overeat on fat! πŸ˜€Β  And also fat is a natural appetite suppressant – something I have found out only since I started my low carb nutrition.




Well… there is just one, and it is very encouraging! πŸ™‚ Ever since I started eating less protein and more fat, my weight has been going down. I must say – I don’t get on the scales every day. Not even every week. Maybe I should do, but I don’t. I just watch carefully the way I feel, look in the mirror and see how my clothes fit. I think for me it is quite intuitive. I just feel that I have made progress since I am feeling lighter. I may change this tactic, but for now it stays. So in the 3 weeks that I have implemented the change, my weight loss has been 3 kilos (that’s an impressive 7 pounds!!).


Am I losing fat or water with low carb nutrition?


I do realise that with low carb weight loss does not necessarily mean fat loss. In the initial stages, when we start losing weight, it is mostly water. It is when the process of ketosis starts that we start losing fat. The other thing to consider is that if we exercise we gain muscle, and muscle is always heavier than fat. So you may be losing fat but not getting lighter for a while, especially if you have started with a relatively low BMI (Body Mass Index) in the first place.




I still have headaches now and again. Yesterday I went to a barbeque party, had some salad and nicely made meat (not too much, but more than I normally eat). Today I have a headache and am low on energy, so have decided to have a “light” day drinking berry tea, a cup or two of coffee with coconut oil, some nuts – and not much else, apart from lots of water. It’s my way of letting the body rest and recover. Magnesium baths with magnesium flakes, supplements and magnesium oil applications should help me do it. Plus, catching up on sleep, and magnesium will surely help me with it! πŸ™‚


Blood sugar, nutrient & water monitoring


I am going to start measuring my blood sugar levels soon, as Dr Mercola recommends – in order to monitor what’s happening as a result of my new lifestyle, and make sure that it doesn’t go up and down all the time. That reminds me to look for a blood sugar monitor. Also, I haven’t recorded my meals and nutrients for a few days, and haven’t followed through with my water intake (that reminds me to look for the water filter jug). This is changing today. If I am to see the results I am after, I need to be consistent! πŸ™‚


My ‘yummy’ discovery


I love bread, especially the German variety – it’s hard, thin-sliced with lots of seeds. Not eating rbread has been hard – I simply hadn’t been feeling fully satisfied with my meals. So I started looking, and found this very yummy low carb replacement by CarbZone. Moreover, it comes in 3 loaves, and there is a saving of 15% if you subscribe to 5 products. I eat it daily – normally two slices a day, sometimes three (there are 6 slices per pack). I might look at the ingredients and see if I can bake it myself. I have it with smoked salmon, eggs in the morning, cheese and fatty fish. We all have our guilty pleasures. Mine is bread. Luckily, this one is not so ‘guilty’! πŸ˜€



So my low carb nutrition is a bit off-track, but I am doing my best to catch up, and follow through with my commitments. What do you think about low carb so far? I’d love to hear your opinion! πŸ™‚


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