Low Carb Weight Loss Has Stalled Again – Update


Low carb weight loss problemsJust over two weeks have passed since I started the 90-day Low Carb Challenge. The unfortunate news is that my weight loss has stalled again. Moreover, I have even put on almost 1kg (2 whole pounds)! In this post I would like to help myself and you understand why it is so important to be disciplined with it, and why low carb weight loss problems happen in the first place.


Needless to say, it has been quite frustrating. Having thought it through, I have concluded that I have only myself to blame. Bear with me – I will explain why. And I am absolutely determined to make it work, which is why I persevere with it and keep this diary. I hope to crack all the mistakes I make and help you learn from them, so you don’t make them if or when you decide to try the low carb lifestyle.

Not recording my food intake


This is the worst mistake, since relying on approximate figures thinking that I have figured out the number of micronutrients already and don’t need to record it makes it impossible to anayse what works and what doesn’t, and why it doesn’t work. As soon as I start recording, it is so easy to see where I am going wrong, since My Fitness Pal uses preset setting (preset by me in this case) for micronutrients.


For example, I have set 20g of carbs as the maximum number of net carbs to be taken per day. If I don’t record my micronutrient intake, I don’t know how many carbs I have eaten. I can only guess. The other day I ate 150g of raspberries. That gave me, if I remember correctly, 10g of net carbs. 100g of broccoli gave me 7 carbs. This has added up to 17 carbs! And I had other things, like milk for example, and Carb Zone bread (3 slices). So my carb intake yesterday exceeded my goal by about 17 g! Isn’t any surprise that with the fat intake high, as the nutrition plan demands, every carbohydrate counts towards gaining extra pounds?


Not drinking enough water


My water intake has been low. I just forget to drink it! This needs to change. I am going to have a glass of water not somewhere close, but in front of me all the time. Water is an important part of low carb lifestyle, since it helps to not only hydrate the body, but also remove all kinds of metabolic toxins. So my target will be to drink 8 glasses of water a day – excluding hot drinks, like coffee and tea. My Fitness Pal allows to track water intake, so I just need to do it. The other way is to have a little sticker on my laptop and just make a tick every time I finish my glass. And one more – to have the whole lot – 2 litres – ready to drink throughout the day.


Not having fun with my low carb weight loss challenge


My food is very monotonous and quite boring to be honest! It lacks variety. I love eating simply. It’s not a problem for me. But sometimes I fancy something that I see on Facebook pages – posted by others. For example, chocolate cookies. Or low carb cakes. I have made a cottage cheese low carb cake twice already, but am becoming bored with it. It’s important to have a variety with what you eat, even if it is low carb. It stops the cravings I think. So this needs to change. My next goal is to bake a chocolate cake – low carb of course! That should help me deal with the boredom factor! πŸ™‚


I have just remembered that I have bought low carb bread flour. It’s Saturday tomorrow, so I will bake it. And next week I will aim to make something with the cocoa powder I have bought, and the 100% chocolate I have in my cupboard.


Trouble with My Fitness Pal


I have been having a bit of a confusion with My Fitness Pal. First of all, I have discovered that US and UK/Europe entries of carbs are different. In the US, the “carbohydrates” entry on the label includes fiber, while in the UK and Europe it doesn’t. So when I was told to substract fiber from carbs to get net carbs, I got a negative number on a few occasions. This was what made me question it, and conclude that the the way net carbs were calculated was different depending on where you lived – UK or US.


The other thing is that often the entries are wildly different for the same product. For example, coconut flour can have such huge variations in terms of entries, depending on the brand. I have read about it, and it appears that My Fitness Pal is not a reliable logging system. Just like with Wikipedia, entries can be made by anyone I’ve read. So I am looking for a more reliable system to track my low carb weight loss.


Not exercising enough


My lifestyle is quite sedentary, which means I exercise only when I remember or feel like it. The other day I watched a BBC program about exercise and how it reverses ageing and our bilolgical age. I will write about it in a separate post. However, it made me much more motivated to get off my backside and walk, or cycle. I am not a gym person. But maybe I just need to make myself like it? They say that it takes 66 days to develop a habit. People who never used to like going to a gym become regular goers. That’s something I am going to think about, especially since we have a gym almost next door to where we live.


My protein intake is still way too high while fat is low


To cut it short, my protein intake is still too high, which means that I am compensating ‘missing’ carbs with protein. This could easily stall weight loss. With all that, the fat intake is still below the 80% limit I’ve set for myself. This is also said to stall weight loss. So my goal is to reduce protein intake and increase good fat percentage in my diet.



Creating new habits in the next 2 months


I am way off target in terms of my weight loss. If I keep going like this, I doubt that I will make much progress with my low carb weight loss challenge. So discipline is going to be my main focus in the next 4 weeks (or until it becomes a habit to do the things I have mentioned – ‘on an autopilot’). In fact, developing good habits that create a change in the way I live and work is going to become the focus of my life for the next couple of months. Stay tuned in – another update is coming soon! πŸ™‚


I also aim to have a Weight Loss Wrap (self-applied) once every week, to help me detoxify and help with weight loss. The infrared heat used in the wrap with the profuse sweating it causes should definitely help.


P.S. If you are interested in joining 90-day Low Carb Challenge, I’d say it’s never late to do so, so sign up here. The support and interaction are awesome! πŸ™‚



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