Why Am I Not Losing Weight Eating Low Carb?

Why am I not losing weight eating low carb

Low carb almond flour and plum tart

It’s been 9 days since I started my low carb journey. I have been warned by Lynn Terry at her Low Carb classes not to get obsessed with the weight and forget about the scales for a while, but… You know – I just coulnt’s help it! I did stand on the scales 2 days ago (7 days into my new routine) and was horrified to see that I actually gained about half a pound in weight. πŸ™


Of course, it’s not a big deal, considering body water fluctuations etc, but I was expecting at least a small shift! I got pretty upset. πŸ™Β  So upset that I went hungry for much of the day yesterday, and then ate a box of sushi and a whole punnet of strawberries! And then I calmed down and started thinking.


Why am I not losing weight eating low carb?


  1. My first thought was that I might have been overdoing on salt. I use Himalayan salt in my cooking, and since low carb can often be linked to dehydration, I use a bit more of it than usual. It haven’t had any symptoms though – like raining blood pressure, or water retention. My ankles look ok. I know that I need to cut down on salt – I do eat too much of it. Although Himalayan salt is full of minerals, one can overdose even on good stuff!
  2. Another guess was that I might have been exercising too little. I ride a bike for about 40 minutes a day, and walk when I don’t cycle. When it rains I push weights at home for a few minutes at a time. That is simply not enough, and I do need to step it up! πŸ™‚
  3. Could it be that I was simply eating more than I needed to? I did become quite enthusiastic about pecan nuts! Maybe I need to be a bit more cautious about them?
  4. Or could it be that I need to eat more fat to ensure that I go into ketosis? I haven’t had the “keto flu” yet – just occasional strange sensations in the mouth when I would go hungry.
  5. Maybe I am eating too many berries? I love berries and find it hard to count how many I eat. I’ve given up fruit already.
  6. Maybe it’s simply too early to expect a change in my weight? I’ve had other changes – just not weight loss.


These are just some of the questions I am asking myself. The thing is – I simply don’t know why I am not losing weight eating low carb! I will be asking questions at the forums and doing research to find out.


One thing is certain – I need to monitor what I eat, and not just rely on guesses. And keep a diary – I haven’t started doing it yet! There are a number of apps which help with it. One can be found on www.Atkins.com website. The other one – www.myfitnesspal.com. And there are more – for various devices. You just need to choose the one that suits you best.



I would like to say that despite not having lost any weight, I have been feeling a lot better than when I was when eating carbs. I think my low carb nutrition has dealt with candida which I know I had. It was making me tired and sleepy. My energy levels have gone up, but I can still do with more of it, and less sleep.Β  I might have a Far Infrared Magnesium Wrap in the next couple of days to help me with detox, muscle tension and just to calm down a bit! πŸ™‚



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