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Beating the Blues – Natural Alternatives to Antidepressants


Beating the Blues - Natural Alternatives to Antidepressants

Have you noticed how on onset of autumn and winter affects our mood? I notice every year.  With rare sunshine, longer nights and clouds dominating the sky, the mood definitely nosedives. Seasonal changes in the way we feel and think are inevitable in most of us. For some people they are not so noticeable, while others dread the end of summer.


The way our body responds to seasonal changes is quite natural both for humans and animals. The word “hibernation” is being used by us regularly – as a joke. But to many animals it is a reality. This is the way the body and mind are naturally designed to respond to an onset of cold, and it hasn’t changed since pre-historic times. Most of us adapt to these changes, and just carry on. Some suffer from low moods when winter comes. There is even a recognised condition called SAD -Seasonal Affective Disorder. (more…)