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Pain and Inflammation – Natural Alternatives to Ibuprofen…s-to-ibuprofen

This post was inspired by my daughter developing a very painful condition called coccydynia – a pain in the tailbone (coccyx) which normally results from a fall or sitting down too abruptly. She doesn’t remember sitting down abruptly or falling. Sometimes it happens without any apparent reason actually. But the fact of the matter is that for the past few weeks she has been complaining about sharp pain in the tailbone, when she was sitting and even walking.


This prompted us both to look for solutions. The GP was the first port of call. She went to see the GP twice, and only on the second visit was told what was the cause of her pain, and advised to “sit properly”.  Nothing about what “properly” meant. On the third visit, when the pain became absolutely agonising she was prescribed Ibuprofen and another medicine to protect the stomach. (more…)