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Lead Toxicity in Children


Lead toxicity in childrenThe subject of lead toxicity came up when I switched on the news channel a few days ago. I only caught the last words of it – that as a result of a scientific research, removing lead from petrol significantly reduced crime in several USA cities (where the research was conducted).


Since the subject of heavy metal toxicity was something I had always been interested in due to my long-term work with clays and magnesium salts, I decided to do some more research into lead toxicity, especially in children and teenagers, since their developing body – especially the brain – gets affected most by this toxic element. Following are the results of my own research.


Lead poisoning is one of the most common and best-recognized childhood diseases of toxic environmental origin. Children around the world today are at risk of exposure to lead from multiple sources. Lead poisoning accounts for about 0.6% of the global burden of disease” (WHO, 2009).