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Flu & Cold: Why Some People Never Get Sick, and How You Can Become One of Them


Flu & Cold - Why Some People Never Get SickAre You on Good Terms with Winter and Cold?


I am asking this because I am not. There hasn’t been a single winter in the past 5 years or so without someone in our family (or all of us) “catching”  something – like a cold, or worse – a flu. I am using the word “catching”, since it is a common perception that someone has to sneeze at us, and we get sick. But it is far away from truth.


Why is it that the flu epidemic affects only some of us, while others seem to “dodge” it year after year? Is it simply because they protect themselves better, by wearing warm clothes, and avoiding gatherings of others in times of the epidemic? The answer is yes and no. While doing it protects us in many ways, some of us seem to avoid it despite being regularly exposed to cold and infection. What is the reason for their resilience? The answer is in the immune system, its strength and adaptability.