Five Reasons Most Diets Fail & How to Succeed

Five reasons most diets fail & how to succeedWould you agree that few people can say that they haven’t tried to diet at least once in their life?  And in so many cases success is so short-lived… It has happened to me more than once, which made me ask myself – why do most diets fail to bring long-term results?


What normally happens is that we see a friend who has managed to lose some weight, ask her how she did it. She shares the latest diet tips with us. We read more about it online.


We find more raving fans of the diet on media websites. We get excited about it, and decide to give it a try. Eventually we commit to doing it, especially if a special event or a summer holiday are on the cards.


We starve ourselves for a few weeks (like I did with Weight Watchers), eat cabbage soup until we want to puke, or whatever the diet in question tells us to do. If we are really tough on ourselves and stick to it, we manage to achieve a desired weight and the look we have made so much sacrifice for. What happens next? We relax, decide that we have suffered long enough, and deserve a reward. That biscuit is not going to do much harm…  And maybe one more… (more…)