Low Carb Weight Loss Has Stalled Again – Update

Low carb weight loss problemsJust over two weeks have passed since I started the 90-day Low Carb Challenge. The unfortunate news is that my weight loss has stalled again. Moreover, I have even put on almost 1kg (2 whole pounds)! In this post I would like to help myself and you understand why it is so important to be disciplined with it, and why low carb weight loss problems happen in the first place.


Needless to say, it has been quite frustrating. Having thought it through, I have concluded that I have only myself to blame. Bear with me – I will explain why. And I am absolutely determined to make it work, which is why I persevere with it and keep this diary. I hope to crack all the mistakes I make and help you learn from them, so you don’t make them if or when you decide to try the low carb lifestyle.


Target Weight Loss – 11 Weeks to Go

Target weight loss - 11 weeks to goI started the 90-day Low Carb Challenge a week ago. Losing 3kg has inspired me, but I haven’t met my weekly target weight loss goal yet. There are tweaks I need to make. One of them is being disciplined. I need to plan and record my food intake every day, not once aweek as I am doing now. I know I can do it. After all, I am now firmly off sugar and carbs like bread, pasta and other starchy foods. I don’t even crave them anymore, which helps a lot.


My target weight loss for the next 10 weeks


My target weight loss is 10kg (about 22 lbs). I have about 10 weeks to achieve it (I am deliberately not counting 2 weeks – to make allowances for when I don’t meet the target). It means that I need to lose 1kg a week (2.2 lbs) on average. This is achievable I think, but I will have to see. Judging by the results of the past 3 weeks, I am not sure, since my weight loss has slowed down. In fact, I haven’t lost any weight since the initial loss of 3kg. (more…)

90-day Low Carb Challenge & My Keto Bread Basket

Low Carb Challenge - toasted tortilla chips with chilli dip

Low carb toasted tortilla chips with chilli dip

Today I got a reminder that the 90-Day Low Carb Challenge hosted by Lynn Terry starts on 5 September (see details below). I signed up for it some time ago, and have been looking forward to it, so feeling excited!


I believe that it’s a good idea to run the Low Carb Challenge for 90 days, since habits take time to acquire. Plus, 90 days is long enough to see considerable results. And what better time to find yourself lighter and healthier than before Christmas? 😉


My own “Low Carb Challenge” – update


My Low Carb Nutrition – Gains & Losses So Far

Low carb nutritionIn one of my previous posts about low carb nutrition, I shared concerns about not losing weight.  Having read Dr Mercola’s articles, I had come to a conclusion that I was eating too much protein. This would have been replacing the energy my body was not getting from the missing carbs – and interfering with ketosis. This would have been stalling my weight loss. Plus – eating too much protein is almost always bad for the kidneys!


Back to tracking nutrients


I started recording every day what had been going into my mouth using MyFitnessPal, and yes – I had indeed been eating too much protein. I had to make changes fast if I were to get on track with my weight loss! So I continued recording and adjusting the carb/fat/protein ratio. I discovered that I was eating twice the daily recommended amount of protein, half the amount of recommeded fat and a bit too many carbs (my goal was 16 grams, and I was eating about 23 grams every day).


My Low Carb Journey – Macronutrients & Calories

My Low Carb Journey - Macronutrients, Calories & Exercise

My low carb cheese cake with almond flour, cream cheese, coconut flour, eggs & stevia.

I have been analysing my nutrient intake since I started tracking my macronutrients with MyFitnessPal, and have made a few discoveries which I believe have been affecting my weight loss.


My protein intake has been too high!


Apart from learning from Lynn Terry’s TravelingLowCarb.com blog, I have also been doing research online about eating low carb and science behind it. I love science and always try to learn how things work in our body and why. This is what made me do some more search and learning.


One of my favourite authors is Dr Mercola. He writes a lot about low carb nutrition, from the point of view of science. So he says that when we start eating low carb we should strictly monitor our protein intake, since excess protein can do irreversible damage to kidneys. This is what Lynn keeps saying too.


Why Am I Still Not Losing Weight Eating Low Carb Food?

Why am I not losing weight eating low carb food?

Egg muffins with spinach, bacon and cheese

It has been two weeks into my low carb journey. Although I am not losing weight eating low carb food yet (more about it later), I can report several positive shifts in the way I feel:


1. The “brain fog” has now gone.  Are you familiar with what it feels like? In case you are not, it is a heavy, muddy and sticky feeling. I used to get so frustrated with it that if I could “vaccum” my brain of the “fog”, I would. It’s the most unpleasant feeling where a mild headache is combined with inabilty to think clearly. I guess there is a reason it is called “brain fog”! 😛



Why Am I Not Losing Weight Eating Low Carb?

Why am I not losing weight eating low carb

Low carb almond flour and plum tart

It’s been 9 days since I started my low carb journey. I have been warned by Lynn Terry at her Low Carb classes not to get obsessed with the weight and forget about the scales for a while, but… You know – I just coulnt’s help it! I did stand on the scales 2 days ago (7 days into my new routine) and was horrified to see that I actually gained about half a pound in weight. 🙁


Of course, it’s not a big deal, considering body water fluctuations etc, but I was expecting at least a small shift! I got pretty upset. 🙁  So upset that I went hungry for much of the day yesterday, and then ate a box of sushi and a whole punnet of strawberries! And then I calmed down and started thinking. (more…)

My Low Carb Journey – Slow Transformation

My Low Carb Journey - Transformation Has BegunIt has been eight days since the beginning of my low carb journey into a lighter, healthier me. I have decided not to use the scales for now – at least not until I see substantial changes. So I cannot update you on how many kilos I have lost (if any). I guess I have lost a few pounds, since the ring on my ring finger which used to sit pretty tightly can be easily taken off. Is it fat or water? I don’t know and to be honest don’t care. Although little gains cheer me on, they won’t distract me from the main goal – to see massive results from my low carb journey!


Having to do without my favourites


Eating Low Carb – Five Days On…

Eating low carbIt has been five days since I started eating low carb, so I thought I’d post an update about what I have been eating and how it made me feel. I must admit that it has been a bit of a rollercoaster, both physically and emotionally! Here is how it all started…


Feeling sick


Two days into eating low carb I started feeling sick. It was a nagging feeling of nausea. I did read about the “keto flu”, so considered it too. But I feel that I felt sick because of such a drastic change to what I had been eating, plus mistakes made in my first days of eating low carb.


Low Carb Diet – Why I Have Decided to Give it a Try

low carb dietI have known about the Low Carb diet – also known as the Atkins or Ketogenic diet – for many years. Having read about it mostly from the sources critical of it, I decided some time ago that it was probably not for me. I had read some scare stories about how dangerous the low carb diet  can be to health, and it was enough to make me forget about it for a while.


The scares in such stories are mostly linked to kidney damage which can indeed happen when we eat too much meat and other proteins. This leads to  a formation of large quantities of  substances which kidneys have a problem expelling out of the body. This in turn results in their failure. More about it later, since I realise now that low carb is not about replacing carbohydrates with protein! (more…)

Five Reasons Most Diets Fail & How to Succeed

Five reasons most diets fail & how to succeedWould you agree that few people can say that they haven’t tried to diet at least once in their life?  And in so many cases success is so short-lived… It has happened to me more than once, which made me ask myself – why do most diets fail to bring long-term results?


What normally happens is that we see a friend who has managed to lose some weight, ask her how she did it. She shares the latest diet tips with us. We read more about it online.


We find more raving fans of the diet on media websites. We get excited about it, and decide to give it a try. Eventually we commit to doing it, especially if a special event or a summer holiday are on the cards.


We starve ourselves for a few weeks (like I did with Weight Watchers), eat cabbage soup until we want to puke, or whatever the diet in question tells us to do. If we are really tough on ourselves and stick to it, we manage to achieve a desired weight and the look we have made so much sacrifice for. What happens next? We relax, decide that we have suffered long enough, and deserve a reward. That biscuit is not going to do much harm…  And maybe one more… (more…)