Earth’s Humble Healers

Learn How to Use Salts, Muds & Clays for Better Health, Youth & Vitality.

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Earth's Humble Healers

In “Earth’s Humble Healers”, I write about a wide range of healing minerals – clays, muds, salts, zeolite and diatomaceous earth. The book gives an overview of how these most ancient remedies work, how they have helped millions of people over the centuries and are still helping now.

History & Current Uses of Minerals


Earth's Humble Healers

Minerals are the source of life on Earth. We need them in order to live. Every fluid and solid matter in our body contains minerals. Every single cell needs minerals in order to live and reproduce.

Minerals take a primary position to any nutrient available to us since every cell in our body needs them in order to stay alive. Life on Earth simply would not exist without them.

The idea of using salts, muds, clays as the main source of minerals in order to improve health and enhance beauty is not new.

Clays – animals have been and are still using them to cleanse the gut and skin of toxins and parasites, neutralise food poisons and cure themselves of disease.

Earth's Humble Healers

Clay has an interesting history.

  • Roman soldiers used clay to heal wounds and disinfect water.
  • They also ate it to suppress hunger.
  • Russian and French soldiers used to be issued clay rations to help treat diarrhoea, heal wounds and disinfect water during the two World Wars.
  • In the second half of the 20th century, green clay was used by the French doctors in Africa to treat flesh-eating Buruli ulcers, and their successes were recorded.
  • Fairly recent scientific research led to a conclusion that green clay had shown astounding results in the treatment of the MRSA bacteria where regular antibiotics were failing.

If you want to learn more about clays, check out my book “How Clays Work – Science & Applications of Clays & Clay-Like Minerals in Health & Beauty”. In it, I talk in detail about various scientific aspects of clay structure and functions.

Zeolite – a clay-like mineral – is used in a number of countries to make medication for treating diarrhoea. It is also used in areas of nuclear catastrophes to help bury the reactors and prevent leakage of radiation.

Zeolite was given to people to take with water, as well as in galettes, to help absorb and take radioactive metals out of the body.

Earth's Humble Healers

Diatomaceous Earth (or diatomite) is a mineral which was formed billions of years ago from exoskeletons of tiny organisms – diatoms. The best diatomite comes from the freshwater sources. It is widely used in agriculture for its anti-parasite and insecticide properties. Besides, its popularity is spreading, and many people buy it to use on themselves and their pets, as well as in gardens and homes.

Diatomaceous Earth

There are many salts in nature. The salts that are mostly used in beauty and healing are magnesium and sodium-based – Epsom salt, magnesium chloride, Daed Sea salt, Himalayan salt and others.

Magnesium takes part in over 350 reactions in the body and is the crucial element needed for energy production. Magnesium deficiency leads to a number of grave problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, high cholesterol, brittle bones, bad teeth and much more.

Earth's Humble Healers


Some of the conditions that can be addressed by using magnesium supplementation are:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Muscle aches, pains
  • Back pain
  • Poor circulation
  • Bruising
  • Sprains, strains
  • General fatigue & debility
  • Stress, anxiety
  • Insomnia, irritability
  • Liver toxicity.

Why you should read the book


Earth's Humble Healers

  • The book shows how minerals work, what they can help us with and how you can use them in daily healing procedures.
  • “Earth’s Humble Healers” contains 80+ health simple and practical recipes that can be used at home or in a clinic to help with common health-related issues.
  • You will also find out how to improve skin appearance, make it look young, fresh and glowing.

What’s in it

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Earth's Humble Healers


Earth's Humble Healers 

About Me

Earth's Humble Healers

I am a Natural Health Practitioner with over 20 years of experience using multiple modalities to help my clients. My special interest is in researching healing properties of muds, salts, clays, zeolite and diatomaceous earth.

I became interested in minerals when I went to see my family in Russia. My mum introduced me to Blue Cambrian Clay and I started reading about it. I found out that clays have been used since life began on Earth both by humans and animals, with remarkable results.

This discovery inspired me to learn about other minerals, especially magnesium salts. I now write about minerals used in healing, teach workshops and create and teach courses both to my own students and to students at a London college.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Earth's Humble Healers