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1. To learn more about our courses and books, visit our Courses page.

2. To book a treatment, get in touch with us using the contact form. Please let us know in your message what treatment you are interested in, what day and time you would like to have it.

Please indicate a few options available to you and whether you would like to come to the Central or North West London location (prices are cheaper in NW London).

Let us know your contact telephone number if you would like to get a quick reply. Let us know when you are available to speak. Or you can contact us yourself on 07548 969830. You can see the treatment prices here.

Once the time has been agreed you will be asked to pay 50% of the total booking fee as a deposit to cover our clinic room booking costs in cases of a late cancellation or failure to turn up for the treatment. The other 50% is payable at the clinic.

Cancellations should be made no later than 48 hours before the treatment time.

3. For a free 15-minute health coaching session, send us a message using this booking form. Let us know what you would like to discuss and what your health goals are.