Remineralising & rejuvenating mineral facial
Remineralising & rejuvenating mineral facial

At Pure Nature Cures, we offer a large range of treatments which are not only meant to relax and unwind, but also address various problems in the most natural way. Our treatments help with muscle aches, joint pain, back problems, arthritis,  stress, fatigue, depression, anxiety, headaches, muscle cramps, fertility issues, general toxicity, water retention, IBS, PMT, poor immunity, problems with circulation, obesity, and much more.

Following are the treatments we offer:

Natural health:

Mineral therapies:

Coaching & consultations

Please bear in mind that these treatments and consultations are of a holistic nature and do not aim to treat medical conditions or make changes to your medical treatment. If in doubt, ask for medical advice.

To book a treatment, call 07548969830 or use the form on this website. Sign up for updates about new treatments, reports and promotions – get the “Mineral Healing” report (FREE).

We also offer online mineral therapy courses to natural health practitioners and members of the public at the Pure Nature Cures School of Mineral & Spa Therapies. Please read more here.


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