Stress Management

Stress Management
Has life got on top of you?

We all go through stages of too much happening in our lives from time to time. But have you noticed how some people take what is happening in their stride, while others struggle, get overwhelmed, desperate and often angry that they find it difficult to cope?

This ability to cope means your ability to adapt to what is happening around you and take decisions based on thought rather than emotion, since what we call “stress” is nothing more than our inability to adapt to changes, no matter how small or temporary.

Stress is our reaction to a fact, not the fact itself. Once we realise it, we begin to understand why some people remain calm and relaxed in sometimes very difficult circumstances, while others get angry and upset at the smallest trigger. We all have our own ways to adapt, perceive and deal with what comes our way.

It doesn’t have to be bad though. And it is possible to adapt, once we change our attitude and the way we look at what happens to us and around us. When we begin to pay attention, we will also begin to develop strategies for coping with occasional and persistent triggers, as well as with situations where we feel we have no control. This is where a stress management coach could help.

When we use our mind rather than emotion, we begin to deal with situations rationally. Emotions block rational thinking, and this is why things go out of control. Sometimes stress is caused by lack of planning, feeling that there is no one to help, or simply our refusal to ask for help for the reasons only known to ourselves.

A calm mind is a productive mind. It is also a resourceful mind, able to make decisions that work for us, instead of against us. Stress management is a learned skill and helps us be calm and productive rather than emotional and unproductive. If you feel that you need help with regaining control over any areas of your life, come and speak to us.

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