Life Coaching

Life coachingWe all need a helping hand sometimes, especially when we are trying to change something in our life. In some cases, it’s the whole life that we decide to give an overhaul to. It requires a lot of courage to get out of our comfort zone and go for it – whatever we set to achieve. This is when we may need help. And this is when life coaching becomes a necessity.

The thing is – a ‘comfort zone’ is quite a misleading name since in most cases it’s anything but. In a strange way, it feels comfortable though, since it is just something we are used to. We are programmed to love routines! There is nothing wrong with routines. It’s when a routine feels like a swamp that sucks us in that we begin to realise that there is a better way.

It’s not always easy to leave a relationship that has lost its spark but is still important to us, a dead-end job that pays our bills, to displace children from school and familiar environment… Not everyone wants to do it. And it’s ok. In the same way that it requires a lot of courage to change our lives, a lot of character is also needed to put our own aspirations on hold in favour of our loved ones.

Still, life goes on. We may resist or postpone change for many reasons, for years, sometimes decades. And one day we realise that we cannot wait any longer, and we feel that if we stay in the ‘swamp’ of our self-limiting thoughts for much longer, we will just wither away, and our dreams will never come true.

For some of us, this time for change comes when children are grown up. We just up and go to do what we have always wanted to do. For others, it happens much earlier, when youth is still calling and adventure seems like the way to live. And for some later in life. There is truly no age limit to changing one’s life.

The main thing is to never lose this desire to go for what we truly want, even if we have to postpone it for our own reasons. The other very important thing is to believe that we can do it, and moreover, that we are worth our goals. We all deserve to be happy, and we all deserve to shine – to ourselves and others.

If you are at that critical stage in your life when you want to live it to the full, without any fear, then go for it. If you need to brainstorm your options, plan out your journey and have somebody cheer you on, get in touch to book your first life coaching session (via Skype or in-person).

The size of a goal doesn’t matter. It can be something seemingly trivial, or truly life-changing. What matters is your commitment and determination.

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