Far Infrared Mineral Weight Loss Wrap

 Far Infrared Weight Loss Wrap

Weight Loss Wrap

Far Infrared (FIR) Mineral Weight Loss Wrap is part of the Mineral Wrap treatments range developed by Pure Nature Cures. It is based on the detoxifying nature of clay, far infrared heat, and relaxing and stimulating properties of magnesium salts.


The main goal of the treatment is to boost metabolism thus helping anyone on a weight loss program to lose extra pounds.


Clays have a remarkable property to exchange negatively charged ions of sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium for ions of heavy metals. They also have a warming effect on the body, promoting circulation and speeding up metabolic rate.


Magnesium salts, especially magnesium chloride, are used not only to relax, but to supplement the body with magnesium. Transdermal magnesium supplementation is one of the fastest ways to deliver magnesium to the body cells. Magnesium is one of the most important minerals for us, taking part in over 300 reactions. It plays an integral role in the production of energy within the cell. If there is not enough magnesium, energy cannot be produced, and this results in cell inactivity, or low activity, which slows down metabolism.


Far Infrared Mineral Weight Loss wraps aim to address the issue holistically, providing the body with what it needs most – energy – to boost metabolic activity, giving us energy we need so badly to start losing excessive weight.


Far infrared heat which is generated by the blanket has multiple benefits of its own, speeding up the process.


The numerous healing properties of the Far-Infrared heat are based on simple spectrum of rays invisible to us – far-infrared rays. 80% of the total energy produced by the sun consists of Far Infrared rays. Unlike near-infrared rays which only heat up the surface, far-infrared rays penetrate deep into the tissues stimulating a whole range of activities.


The great news is that the body produces far-infrared energy naturally. When the body is healthy it produces sufficient amounts of this energy which helps the body cells and organs to function to their full capacity.


However, when the production of this energy is low, our bodies begin to suffer from energy deficiency, and we succumb to all sorts of ailments. Boosting the body systems with infrared light from outside is like giving water to a thirsty man. It give energy to all the body cells, thus stimulating their activity, and this in turn kick-starts healing processes from the inside and general recovery.


We can feel far-infrared energy as a slow acting deep heat. It gets deeply into the body boosting the energy of every cell, widening blood capillaries, stimulating circulation and boosting all the body systems.


So as you can see – 3 very powerful components are used in the treatment. The process is holistic, acting on all the cells and systems, by stimulating them, promoting detoxification, boosting metabolism by activating the energy producing molecule in the cell, stimulating circulation and getting the body into the freeing and burning what it does not need.


If you are in London, you can try it with us by booking a treatment. You can also learn how to do it on yourself and family by enrolling on an online course with us.


And if you are in London, you can experience the many benefits of the treatment for yourself. Get in touch with us to book your treatment or ask questions.