First Aid Guide to Minerals

First Aid Guide to Minerals is a brief guide to how clays, salts and minerals can help in emergency situations. It is not meant to teach how to replace medical treatment with minerals, but to let you know what nature provides should you find yourself in an extreme situation where medicines are unavailable. Whether you are travelling or are staying at home, minerals certainly deserve a place in your first aid box.

First Aid Guide to Minerals

First Aid Guide to Minerals Contents

Salts, clays and clay-like minerals have been used both by humans and animals to survive in the harshest conditions as long as they appeared on planet Earth. The reason is that they have always been the most freely and easily available substances to both species.

Animals eat clay instinctively, in order to counteract effects of poisonous substances in plants and to get rid of toxins and internal parasites, as well as to replenish themselves in vital minerals. They roll in mud to rid themselves of ticks, fleas and other skin parasites. They go to salt licks to replenish themselves with minerals.


The use of salts, muds and clays by humans goes back to prehistoric times. People of all cultures were using clays for healing, to prevent food poisoning, heal wounds, stop infections, ulcers, as a source of minerals, to stop hunger pains when food was scarce.

More recently, clays have been used to minimise the effects of radiation in places of radioactive emergencies – such as Chernobyl. Soldiers of Russia and France were given clay rations during World Wars as a means to stop poisoning from dirty water, heal wounds and prevent diarrhoea.

The book covers such emergency situations as water filtration, skin infections, inflamed throat, blocked nose, mouth infections, diarrhoea, food poisoning, muscle cramps, blunt object injury, parasite infections and more.

Who is it for?

Anyone travelling or staying in places where quick medical assistance is unavailable. Minerals should be part of your first aid box wherever you are.


About the author

First Aid Guide to Minerals

My name is Galina St George. I am a Natural Health Practitioner with over 20 years of experience using multiple modalities to help my clients. My special interest is in researching healing properties of muds, salts, clays, zeolite and diatomaceous earth.

I became interested in minerals when I went to see my family in Russia. My mum introduced me to Blue Cambrian Clay and I started reading about it. I found out that clays have been used since life began on Earth both by humans and animals, with remarkable results.

This discovery inspired me to learn about other minerals, especially magnesium salts. I now write about minerals used in healing, teach workshops and create and teach courses both to my own students and to students at a London college.

Let me know if you have any questions!

First Aid Guide to Minerals