Mineral Healing Recipe Book

Learn how to use salts, muds, clays at home for common health problems – step-by-step recipes

Mineral Healing Recipe Book CoverSalts, clays and clay-like minerals have been used both by humans and animals to survive in the harshest conditions as long as they appeared on planet Earth. The reason is that they have always been the most freely and easily available substances to both species.

Animals eat clay instinctively, to counteract effects of poisonous substances in plants and to get rid of toxins and internal parasites, as well as to replenish themselves in vital minerals. They roll in mud to rid themselves of ticks, fleas and other skin parasites. They go to salt licks to replenish themselves in salts.

Historical uses of minerals

Mineral Healing Recipe Book

The use of minerals by humans goes back to prehistoric times. People of all cultures were using clays for healing, to prevent food poisoning, heal wounds, stop infections, ulcers, as a source of minerals and to stop hunger pains when food was scarce.

More recently, clays have been used to minimise the effects of radiation in places of radioactive emergencies – such as Chernobyl.

Soldiers of Russia and France were given clay rations during World Wars as a means to stop poisoning from dirty water, heal wounds and prevent diarrhoea.

One of the most famous women in history, Cleopatra, used clays in her beauty rituals.

How clays, mids & salts are used today

Mineral Healing Recipe Book

Clays, muds and salts have been used extensively in health and beauty spas, to treat chronic health conditions, as well as to improve skin and promote rejuvenation. More and more people are beginning to use minerals at home, especially in healing procedures.

One of the most popular destination is the Dead Sea where people come to get help with arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, eczema, dermatitis, stress and many other health problems. They spend time swimming in the sea and taking mud baths with great results.


People covered in mud - Dead Sea

This guide is an overview of how minerals can be used in everyday life – to address common health problems, deal with pain and anxiety, improve skin condition, rejuvenate, boost metabolism and weight loss, and so much more.

It also shows how salts, muds, clays, zeolite and diatomaceous earth can help pets, larger animals, improve the health of plants in the garden, deal with insects safely and do so many other very useful things that medicines and chemicals cannot compete with in terms of health side-effects and environmental protection.

What’s in the book

Mineral Healing Recipe BookMineral Healing Recipe Book
Mineral Healing Recipe BookMineral Healing Recipe Book

Who should read this book

Mineral Healing Recipe Book describes practical ways of using salts, muds and clays to help with numerous health problems. You don’t need to go to the Dead Sea to get help with painful joints and muscles, alleviate stress, overactive mind, detoxify and improve your general health and appearance. The goal of this book is to help anyone willing to learn how to use the Earth’s most ancient remedies – at home or in a clinic environment.


About the author

Mineral Healing Recipe Book

My name is Galina St George. I am a Natural Health Practitioner with over 20 years of experience using multiple modalities to help my clients. My special interest is in researching healing properties of muds, salts, clays, zeolite and diatomaceous earth.

I became interested in minerals when I went to see my family in Russia. My mum introduced me to Blue Cambrian Clay and I started reading about it. I found out that clays have been used since life began on Earth both by humans and animals, with remarkable results.

This discovery inspired me to learn about other minerals, especially magnesium salts. I now write about minerals used in healing, teach workshops and create and teach courses both to my own students and to students at a London college.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Mineral Healing Recipe Book