How Clays Work – Science & Applications of Clays in Health & Beauty

“How Clays Work – Science & Applications of Clays in Health & Beauty” is my second book in the Mineral Healing books series published on Amazon. The book is available both on Kindle and as a hard copy.How Clays Work - Science & Applications of Clays in Health & Beauty

My “clay” background

I have been working with clays well over a decade. I first became interested in clay on my visit to Russia where I saw a bag of what looked like cement on my mum’s window sill. I asked what she needed cement for, and she said that it was not cement, but something far more valuable – Cambrian blue clay. And that it had to be exposed to sunlight to keep its healing properties.

When I asked her what “healing properties” clays might have, she said that the man who was behind this clay (they bought it from his shop) in earlier days used it to help his wife overcome her illness. She had breast cancer which doctors didn’t give the good prognosis for. Now, I am not advocating using clay to treat cancer. I am just telling you the story I have heard. So the guy used to go to a quarry which had the clay (somewhere in the woods) and to bring it home to his wife who used it to apply on the area where she had a tumour. The result was that she went into remission.

I don’t know what happened to her since then. I just started reading about clays, and why they worked the way they did. I read books, visited websites. I found a very good, informative site – Eyton’s Earth. I decided to look for blue clay in Russia and found a source extracted from a salt lake in Siberia. I wrote a book about it. The range included 2 types of clay, mud and salt. I stopped importing it because of logistical problems. However, my interest in minerals only grew from there.

I started researching other clays as well and wrote quite a few articles about different clay types and colours. And as I researched clays, I started writing a book – “How clays work”. I must say that it was slow, despite my interest. I had a lot of things to take care of and deal with my personal issues at the same time. Eventually, the books were ready.


What is the book about?

“How clays work” includes information both about science and practical applications of clays in health and beauty. You see, as I was reading about clays, I couldn’t find detailed information about the science of clay. There was a lot of good information of course, but I didn’t come across a source which explained the science of clay in detail but also in a way that I could easily understand (I am not a scientist). And I thought that there are other people like myself who might be looking to find out why clay had such potent healing properties, by learning about its inner workings.

Book chapters:

1. Disclaimer
2. Introduction
3. Foreword
4. The Science of Clay.
4.1. Minerals & Mineralogy
4.2. Clay – General Information
4.3. The Origin of Life on Earth – the “Clay Theory”
4.4. History of Clay Use in Health & Beauty
4.5. More about Geophagy – the Practice of Eating Clay
4.6. Structure and Catalytic Properties of Clay
4.7. Ion (Cation) Exchange
4.8. Adsorption, Absorption & Intercalation
4.9. Hydration & Expansion of Clays
4.10. Selectivity of Clays & Heavy Metals
5. Clay Groups
5.1. The Kaolinite Group
5.2. The Smectite Group
5.3. The Illite Group
6. Colours of the Rainbow
6.1. Blue Cambrian Clay
6.2. Red Montmorillonite Clay
6.3. Bentonite Clays
6.4. Calcium Bentonite Clay
6.5. Fuller’s Earth
6.6. Sodium Bentonite Clay
6.7. Glacier Clay
6.8. Green Clays
6.9. Green Montmorillonite Clay
6.10. Green Illite Clay
6.11. Rhassoul Clay
6.12. Yellow Illite Clay
6.13. Red Illite Clay
6.14. Pink Illite Clay
6.15. White Kaolin Clay
7. Toxins & Sources of Toxicity
7.1. Biological Toxins
7.2. Environmental Toxins
7.3. Heavy Metals
7.4. Metabolic Toxins
7.5. How Toxins Get into the Body
8. The Skin – Its Structure, Functions & Role in Detox
9. Clay-like Minerals
9.1. Zeolite
9.2. Diatomaceous Earth
10. Mud
10.1. What Are Muds?
10.2. How Do Muds Work?
10.3. Dead Sea Mud
10.4. What is the Difference between Mud & Clay?
10.5. Uses & Applications
11. Therapeutic & Beauty Applications of Clays
11.1. Clay Baths
11.2. Clay Masks
11.3. Clay Wraps
11.4. Far Infrared Sauna
11.5. Doing a Far Infrared Clay Wrap at Home
11.6. Doing a Far Infrared Clay Wrap in a Clinic
12. Word of Caution
13. Further Information & Links

Who should read “How Clays Work?”

The book was written for everyone interested in learning about healing properties of clays toxicity & detox. Natural health and beauty practitioners interested in using clays to treat their clients in their therapy rooms and spas, as well as spa owners who use clays in various types of wraps will learn a lot of interesting facts about clay from this book. However, it is not only professional users who will benefit from it. People who use clay to deal with common health problems would find a lot of useful information in it which will help them make more informed choices in the future.

If you would like to learn how clays can be used in natural health treatments, read about our Mineral Healing courses.