Magnesium & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Research Findings

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Transdermal Magnesium Therapy

When I started researching magnesium and what it does for us I learned that it was perhaps the most important mineral we needed for energy production. I started reading more about it and found out that magnesium provided the spark for the ATP molecule which was otherwise called the “energy powerhouse” of every body cell.

So I decided to try it on myself. Every time I was feeling tired I would take a tablet of chelated magnesium supplement – magnesium bisglycinate or magnesium citrate – twice a day. For more information on various magnesium supplements see my earlier post.

I used to feel better even the following day. After 3 days of supplementation my energy levels would improve and I could function again to my best capacity. I take magnesium supplements every time I feel energy slump. I also add vitamin B group supplements and probiotics to my daily intake. In the table below I’ve selected some of the best supplements I’d recommend taking in order to boost energy and vitality.

A few of my friends and clients have said to me that their fatigue never seems to go away. Of course, nutrition, sleep and stress play a big part in it I believe. With all that, magnesium levels get depleted when we are under pressure since our body organs require it for over 350 reactions including the production of hormones the body need to respond to stress and recover from it. So is it any wonder that when we don’t get enough magnesium we cannot cope with the effects of stress on our body?

I’ve recently come across two studies which suggest that there is a possible organic explanation for chronic fatigue syndrome. British scientists report that low levels of magnesium may play a part in this illness with an unknown cause. The findings were published in the March 30 issue of “The Lancet” – a renowned British medical journal.

“This study shows a dramatic improvement in a small group of people with this illness, but it is too soon to say that this is an appropriate treatment that will be of help to the vast majority of patients,” said Dr. Jay A. Levy, a professor of Medicine at the University of California at San Francisco, who has been searching for a possible viral cause of the disease.

Chronic fatigue patients usually complain about malaise lasting several months or years and nonspecific flu-like symptoms, including headaches, fever and muscle pain. They also suffer from an inability to think clearly, irritability and depression.

The researchers said they had decided to explore magnesium levels in patients with chronic fatigue because malabsorption of magnesium had been associated with lethargy and weakness. They did a case study and found that 20 patients suffering from chronic fatigue had slightly lower red-cell magnesium concentrations than did 20 healthy subjects matched for age, sex and social class.

In a clinical trial involving 32 patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, 15 patients were randomly given intramuscular injections of magnesium sulfate every week for six weeks and 17 were given shots of water.

The patients were not aware of which treatment they were receiving. Before and after the treatment, patients completed a questionnaire asking about their energy levels, pain, perception, sleep patterns, sense of social isolation, emotional reactions and physical mobility.

Twelve of the 15 patients treated with the magnesium said they had benefited and reported higher energy levels, better emotional states and less pain: just three patients who received the dummy shots claimed any improvement.” Source

In my blog post on the Magnesium Oil website, you can find further information about the studies which prove that magnesium and energy levels are firmly connected. Dr Carolyn Dean, a leading authority on the benefits of magnesium, explains it very well in her video which I strongly suggest you watch when you read the post.

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