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If you have already picked up the free Mineral Healing e-book from this site you are probably someone who is interested in learning about salts, clays, mud, zeolite and diatomaceous earth and their healing properties.

And you may have learned a lot about it already. Or you may have popped into this site because you have been looking for natural options in terms of your own health.

Whether you already know something about minerals or are new to the subject, I am sure you will learn something new for yourself from turning into the workshops I am about to start.

What is in the Mineral Healing workshop?

I am planning to run 8 episodes to start with. To find out more, you will need to like my page on Facebook and even better – sign up for news and updates (pick up your copy of the “Mineral Healing” ebook if you haven’t done so yet). Signing up is easy – the form is on the website, or you can do it by following this link: Doing this means you will get updates about any changes right into your email box. And here what mineral healing is about in a nutshell.


Mineral Healing Workshop episodes:

  • Workshop 2 – Healing Powers of Clays
  • Workshop 3 – Healing Salts. Magnesium salts.
  • Workshop 4 – Healing Mud
  • Workshop 5 – Detoxifying Properties of Zeolite
  • Workshop 6 – Diatomaceous Earth
  • Workshop 7 – Other minerals & mineral-rich products (sodium bicarbonate, algae)
  • Workshop 8 – Treatments which you can do by using minerals.
  • Workshop 8 – Transdermal Magnesium Therapy.

You will learn where minerals come from, how they work, what makes them effective healers, properties of minerals and what they can help with. You will also learn about the uses and applications of minerals in health and beauty, and I will tell you about various interesting facts that you probably never heard of.

Who is the Mineral Healing Workshop for?

Anyone who is interested in learning about ways of helping themselves without always resorting to painkillers and other medicines. The workshop is also for therapists who would like to bring a new dimension into their practice. I will be talking about various uses of minerals and treatments I have developed. If you want to learn more and ask me about it, you will have an opportunity to do so.

What to do now if you want to watch it

  1. Sign up for updates using the form below, and get a free copy of the Mineral Healing ebook to start learning about minerals.
  2. Go on Facebook and like my page from which I will be streaming the workshop – search @mineraltherapies to find it.
  3. Share this information with your friends who you think might benefit from learning about mineral healing.
  4. If you cannot watch an episode, don’t worry – they will be recorded and posted on the page. You can also ask questions after the live stream is over.
  5. Once you sign up, you will be getting reminders in your email box about the upcoming workshops.

Ask questions and leave comments below. In order to watch the Mineral Healing workshop, go on Facebook and like my page. From there you will be getting updates about the next workshop, ask questions and share your experiences. If Facebook is not your environment, I will post the episodes on Youtube and will share the links later.