Workplace Services

Chair Massage at work

As an employer, you may be well aware of how taking care of your employees raises productivity and a general sense of wellbeing. Stress at work and workplace injuries such as back pain from hours of sitting, carpal tunnel, shoulder pain, headaches and brain fog result in days and weeks of sick leave which reflects negatively not only on the company profits but also reputation.

We offer Workplace Chair massage, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Chair Massage combined with Acupressure techniques.

We also offer Stress Management and Healthy Nutrition Coaching sessions and workshops both to groups and individuals in need of them.

To enquire, please get in touch with us with the details of your enquiry – what services you require, how many people you would like to make a booking for, dates you have in mind, your organisation name and contact details of the person to contact.

The minimum booking is for 2 hours. For treatments, we allocate 4 x 15-minute sessions or 3 x 20-minute sessions per hour. You can also book in increments of 30 minutes. You will not be charged for the therapist’s hourly breaks and all the treatments will run the full time booked.

We do have a cancellation policy. It is quite simple – you need to let us know about your unavailability 24 hours in advance to avoid a £50 cancellation fee for a 2-hour booking, £75 for 3 hours and £100 for 4 hours. This partially protects us from a loss of income due to late cancellations.

We can offer up to 4-hour block bookings per day to treat between 12 and 16 clients, or depending on the time slot booked.

The prices are £60 for 1 hour for the physical treatments and £120 per 1 hour of workshops and talks.

Send us your enquiry now and we will get back to you to discuss the details.