12 Practical Tips on Boosting Immunity and Preserving Sanity

Just a few weeks ago we thought that it was something that happened elsewhere, far away, and now COVID-19 is probably the most used phrase in the world. People are panic buying which has, in turn, emptied the shop shelves of essentials.

It’s understandable that we want to keep ourselves and our families safe or well-supplied in case we do contract the infection. However, do we really need to empty shop shelves to do it? Yesterday, I came to a local shop and didn’t see a single toilet roll to be seen… They had all been sold off.

Panic buying has already had dire implications on local food banks which are in a state of crisis. They usually get a lot of tinned and dry food donated by the supermarkets. With the hoarding frenzy in progress, the donations have dried out. So those who are most vulnerable aren’t getting what they usually get.

However, my post is not meant to be judgmental. Fear is a hard emotion to deal with rationally. We worry not only about ourselves but about our families. Some of us are frail. Some have family members who aren’t strong healthwise for all sorts of reasons.

Still, keeping calm in the face of adversity is very important. Clouded, fear-driven thinking leads to what we are seeing now – herd mentality when we lose mental clarity and follow a mad crowd. And crowds rarely take us down the right path. Fear is irrational, so we act in irrational ways.

Stress provides us with 2 solutions:

  1. Stay and fight
  2. Run away and flee.

We cannot really run away from what’s going on. The virus is spreading worldwide. However, what we can do is base our actions on sober data and assessment of the situation. This requires doing independent research. There are plenty of sources online which give sober information about the virus and what we can do.

Just last night, I was listening to a podcast by Dr John Bergman whom I had never heard of before. It provided a sober assessment of the situation and what we can do to help ourselves.

What can we do to deal with the crisis in our own way? I have created a video where I’ve listed tips to help us keep calm and safe. Of course, I cannot give a guarantee that taking these steps will stop anyone from falling ill. However, if we keep calm and take well-informed steps we may increase our chances of keeping well too.

Below I am listing what I have mentioned in the video.

12 practical tips on boosting immunity & preserving sanity

1. Stress response: research. Base your decisions on facts, not fears and hearsay. Rational thinking is key.

2. Breathe: the 4-7-8-count technique: inhale through the nose, hold breath, exhale with a whoosh through the mouth. Repeat 3-4 times.

3. The sun: go out, soak up the sun for vitamin D. It’s one of the best ways to boost immunity. And it’s FREE.

4. Food: eat well. Fruit, vegetables, organic eggs, omega-rich products like oily fish and/or nuts & seeds. Cut down processed & sugary foods.

5. Supplements: take vitamin C (1000mg x 3 times daily), Selenium, Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium & natural vitamin D (2000iu daily), fish oil or starflower oil.

6. Herbs to the rescue: echinacea, rosehip, lemon, peppermint, cloves are immune boosters which also help fight infection.

Essential oils Oregano (or soft gels), tea tree, lemon, eucalyptus oils – add 10 drops of each to 200ml of warm water, shake well, pour into a spray bottle, spray the room.

7. Sleep: Lack of good quality sleep has been researched to compromise immunity. Make sure you sleep enough. Try meditating before bedtime and wearing an eye mask in bed – it helps a lot.

8. Hydrate your body: drink water, herbal tea, freshly made juice. Make sure your body gets enough fluid, especially when you are ill.

9. Hygiene 1. Wash your hands with soap often. 2. Don’t touch your face when outside. 3. Avoid crowds. 4. Cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing. 5. Rinse your nose with saline solution twice a day.

10. Space hygiene: keep your living space well-aired. Wipe commonly touched objects like door handles, toilet seats & taps, especially if you care for someone who is ill.

11. Thieves Oil recipe: 40 drops clove bud, 35 drops lemon,
20 drops cinnamon bark, 15 drops eucalyptus, 10 drops rosemary essential oils. Add 10 drops to 30 ml of water. Shake well, spray or use in a steamer.

12. Limit exposure to news. A calm approach helps make rational decisions. Stay informed but limit exposure to TV, social media & newspapers to reduce stress.

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