20 Tips on How to Maintain a Healthy Weight

saladThere are a lot of books and articles written about obesity. Many of them contradict each other and common sense itself. As with all the information we get, it needs to go through our own conscious filter which is basically common sense. So here are some tips which I believe in, and which have gone through my own filter.

20 tips on how to maintain healthy weight

1. Eat healthily – lots of vegetables, fruit, pulses, herbs, salads, raw food, nuts, sprouted grains, fish (if you eat fish of course).  Healthy eating is a habit, so give it time. Don’t quit just because you’ve lapsed, and had a cake. Cakes and other treats are ok occasionally. Just not as part of your daily plan. A treat is a treat.

2. Shop for health. Buy the foods which nourish you, not satisfy your cravings.

3. Cook at home. When you do, you know what you put in your cooking. You are much more conscious of your choices too.


4. Avoid junk food. Sugary stuff, salt-loaded foods, takeaways, biscuits, fried, fatty foods – anything which may look appealing to an eye, but is loaded with the stuff that is going to create havoc once in your body. You need to digest it, and digestion needs a lot of energy. This is one of the downsides of eating junk – the metabolic rate slows down since the body energy goes on breaking down all those heavy foods.

5. Eat less than what makes you feel full while still at the table. The brain doesn’t receive the signal that the stomach is full for some time after eating. So it’s good to stop eating with a stomach feeling a bit empty. The feeling of being full will catch up with you shortly. But make sure you don’t starve yourself. You need to establish that balance between too much and too little.

6. Be active (even 1-hour daily walk is good). Aim to do it every day. This boosts circulation, activating every body process, which is part of the healthy weight maintenance.

7. Have a balanced lifestyle. Rest is as important as any other activity, and even more. Do enjoyable activities when you take a break. Don’t work non-stop, and don’t work long hours.

8. Avoid aggravation and getting stressed about things. There is no need to fret over what hasn’t happened yet, or what has happened, but cannot be changed. Use a constructive approach, or just put it behind you. Get rid of energy-suckers.

9. Develop relationships which nourish your friendships, love, family. They all need to be based on mutual respect and benefits to all.

10. Sleep your hours. It is very important to have a good night’s sleep, every night. Sleep helps you recover from the day before, and feel energetic in the morning. This means that you can cope with life mentally and physically.

11. Go easy on the alcohol. It does make you put on weight. Alcohol is fermented sugar after all.

12. Avoid smoking. Unhealthy lungs mean that your blood doesn’t get oxygenated. This means that your cells don’t get the oxygen they need, so you feel tired. Fatigue contributes towards weight gain.

13. Avoid hormone treatments when possible. Hormones disrupt the body systems, and in many ways its metabolic rate.

14. Have an aromatherapy massage, use essential oils in a bath or a burner. Many oils help to rebalance the brain and emotions which lead to overeating. Such oils as rose, geranium, lavender, frankincense, vetiver, patchouli, neroli, cedarwood and many others are emotionally healing.

15. Listen to the music you love. It helps to rewire the brain.

16. Drink water frequently. 2 litres a day should be the norm. Water is needed to help deliver nutrients to the cells, and take away products of metabolism. Without water, toxins accumulate and get deposited in fatty tissues. This slows down metabolism and makes weight maintenance a much more difficult task.

17. Do the things you love doing. Learn new skills.

18. Take action on your dreams, goals and aspiration. Keep moving, don’t stop.

19. Believe in yourself. If you don’t, who will? And how will you reach your goals then?

20. Have a regular massage treatment. Or even better – a Far Infrared Mineral Weight Loss Wrap. You can have it done at home or a clinic, yourself or with the help of a therapist. Sign up to our online course, learn to do it for yourself or professionally.

A healthy body and mind mean that you are in balance, and your weight is maintained at its best. Healthy weight maintenance is so much more than just the physical – diet and exercise. It is all of you. It’s called the holistic approach. Start introducing it into your daily routines. Change one thing at a time, practice it until it becomes a habit. Then move onto the other. If you get stuck, ask yourself an honest question – why? If you are honest with yourself, you will find the answer.