21 Tips on Living a Toxin-Free Life

21 Tips on Living a Toxin-Free LifeI’ve decided to write about 21 Tips on Living a Toxin-Free Life while I was working on a unit for one of the courses I have created – Far Infrared Clay Detox Wrap Course. I just think that the information in it is important to share more widely, due to a big problem we are facing in terms of environmental toxicity.

Normally, the body has all the necessary resources to detoxify itself and needs no extra help. This is how it used to be for thousands of years. However, we are facing some extreme circumstances these days. Fracking is creating many problems for clean water supplies.

Using industrial pesticides (Roundup has received a lot of publicity in this respect, but there are others too), hormones and antibiotics, as well as the feed used in the dairy and meat industries (unnatural for animals in general) contaminate our food.

The use of certain plastics and medicines wrecks havoc with our health since they get into the water, or in the case of burning of plastic products – into the air.


And we are not even talking about the number of heavy metals we get from the exhaust fumes!

All this means that we need to take extra care to ensure that the water, air, food and products we use are as clean as possible. While some of the factors we may find unable to change – for example, living in the middle of a busy city like London means our chances of having asthma increase manifold due to really bad air quality. And for many people moving out can be unaffordable. However, it is important to take whatever measures we can to minimise our exposure to harmful toxins.

There are things we can do to make ourselves less vulnerable to toxins. This is what you can do to help yourself and your family:

  1. Question everything that concerns you and your family health. Watch your children for signs of unexplained behaviour, aggression, restlessness, as well as anything that worries you.
  2. You can actually request a heavy metal analysis from your doctor. It may be difficult to get a referral, but make sure that you insist on it, and if you can afford it, go private.
  3. Children are especially vulnerable to heavy metal toxicity. Their brain and the central nervous system gets affected in a much worse way than those of adults. Lead, mercury, cadmium, caesium, aluminium, arsenic – make sure to research that there is no history of unexplained illnesses in the area.
  4. Strip away old paint. Painted old furniture often contains lead in the paint, and young children can get it easily into their bodies since they chew and lick everything!
  5. See your GP if you suspect heavy metal toxicity. Get the second or third opinion if you need to.
  6. Take powdered zeolite (1 teaspoon mixed with water) daily, or even twice a day, before meals. If you are on medication, speak with your GP, since highly sorbent substances like zeolite can interfere with medicines.
  7. Start spraying yourself with magnesium oil daily. Magnesium helps the body to get rid of toxins, including heavy metals.
    Baths with magnesium flakes or Epsom salt help to top up magnesium levels too.
  8. Coriander, chlorella and spirulina are well known for their detoxifying properties. Eat more of these.
  9. Take a good probiotic supplement to help boost your immunity.
  10. Have a Far Infrared Clay Detox Wrap regularly.
  11. Have a sodium bicarbonate, clay and magnesium salt bath regularly. Use 2 handfuls of each per bath.
  12. You may also consider taking food grade diatomaceous earth (1 tablespoonful mixed in a glass of water, 3 times a day). It is highly sorbent for heavy metals and helps to rid the body of parasites and fungal infections as well.
  13. Nascent Iodine can be taken to help remove radioactive caesium from the body.
  14. Minerals need to be considered both for effective protection and detox.
  15. Eat the food which you know comes from a good source – preferably organic farms. Organic doesn’t have to cost too much. There are deals where you can get a box of organic meat and veggies at a reasonable price. When you think about the price, always remember that ruined health due to toxic exposure costs a lot more.
  16. If you can move or swap your accommodation for a less polluted area, do it.
  17. Sleep your hours. Good 8-9-hour sleep is very important for detox.
  18. Drink lots of water (make sure it’s been filtered). Try not to drink out of plastic bottles since the plastics release harmful chemicals into the water.
  19. Learn to manage stress. It is responsible for a lot of waste in our bodies, much of which is toxic to us.
  20. Exercise regularly and generally opt for an active lifestyle. Moving around helps to shift toxins out of our body.
  21. Stop eating rubbish, and take care of what your kids eat. Bad food creates more toxins than anything else. They affect our health and children are especially vulnerable.

Most of these tips are common sense, and some I have shared based on my own research and experience of working with minerals. I hope you find them helpful!

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