Dr Axe about Bentonite Clay

I have just come across Dr Axe’s video where he talks about bentonite clay and its wonderful benefits.

Since there are not many people who write or talk about clays (and to me, it’s a subject very close to heart), it was a real gift. So I have written and posted in my Facebook group about it. This is what I’ve said:

“Here’s Dr Axe’s take on clay. Some of the properties he has mentioned are:

1. Clays absorb environmental toxins, including heavy metals.
2. Clays are fantastic at dealing with skin disorders, including eczema.
3. Clays are great at dealing with pathogens in the gut and within the body.
4. It contains lots of minerals which the body can use.
5. Clay is alkalising for the body.
Clays can be eaten (check where it’s coming from for purity).
6. Clay can be eaten – many people have benefited from its bactericidal and detoxifying properties.

But this is not all. If you want to learn about other properties of clays of which there are many, I have written several books about minerals which mention clay, but one of them is entirely about clays and how they work – “How Clays Work – Science & Applications of Clays & Clay-Like Minerals in Health & Beauty”. It is available on Amazon for those of you who want to learn about bentonite clay and other clays as well. How Clays WorkIt’s an in-depth analysis of various types of clay, their properties, uses and applications. Moreover, the book shows WHY clays are so powerful at detoxification and killing pathogens – in case you are interested in how clays work. Here is my blog post about it if you want to know more before you decide to buy.


If you are interested in clays but don’t want to learn about it in too much detail, I also have another book – “Earth’s Humble Healers” which covers various minerals – clays, mud, salts, zeolite, diatomaceous earth and other minerals. You can buy the book here.

Earth's Humble Healers

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