The Lessons I’ve Learned from the Current Health Crisis

Heart disease, stroke, insomnia - what is the connection?

I contracted some sort of a viral infection in the past few days and am spending time at home focusing on recovery. I don’t know if it is Coronavirus or a common cold. I have a cough (it’s tickly and incredibly annoying) and a headache. My joints are sore and the energy is very low.  I don’t have a temperature at the moment, but maybe it’s because I have been taking paracetamol to ease the symptoms. In any case, I am glad that I don’t.

The promised testing kits for antibodies are still far off, so I don’t have much hope to find out whether what I have is what I think it could be. So in the meantime, I am not risking it in terms of making contact with other people. I’ve been staying at home, mostly in bed, sleeping, drinking water and taking things easy. Food isn’t on my mind at the moment – it never is when I am sick.

With so much time at my disposal at the moment, I’ve had a lot of thoughts too. I try not to be dragged into a state of desperation and panic. I think we have enough pasta and rice in our cupboard and frozen food in the freezer to last us for 3-4 weeks I think, especially considering that we aren’t eating much at the moment.

I could do with some more paracetamol but our local shops have run out and I don’t have the desire or strength to go to a supermarket, especially considering a recent attack on their stocks by people who were panic-buying. That, in fact, has emptied the stores not only of paracetamol but also of toilet paper, pasta, rice, canned food and other essentials with a long shelf life.

So what am I learning from it all?

  1. Keep an extra stock of essentials for a rainy day. It’s important to keep a supply of food (including for our pets), medicines and household essentials enough to last for 4-6 weeks. Not to hoard but have some stock in case of a calamity like this one.
  2. Panic-buying doesn’t serve anyone. It harms our store supplies. Panic is infectious. Today we’ve participated in a shopping spree for toilet paper, and tomorrow we won’t be able to buy something that others have emptied the shelves of. I am not judging, just saying that using the rational part of our brain, and not the emotional one, serves us much better in such cases.
  3. The world has survived the Black Death and the Spanish Flu, even though with huge life losses. We can survive this too. No need to panic, just doing the simple things is what’s going to help. Our science is not standing still and constantly searching for answers. Let’s hope that an effective answer will be found for Coronavirus too, and in fact, all viruses. In the meantime, looking after our health and strengthening immunity has never been more important.
  4. Doing good for the community. This issue was a subject of discussion at today’s Brainstorming Hour by my mentor Lynn Terry who is a very inspiring human being I have total respect for. She is also an amazing coach in helping people succeed online. So, what Lynn was saying was that we should all do something for free for the community. And we don’t even have to leave our houses since the internet provides so many options for free classes, tutorials, publishing etc. Plus, if you see yourself as a blogger, start writing about what’s going to be of interest to others. Find your market and start serving the people in it.
  5. Don’t forget to chill out. Stress weakens our immunity and deprives our body of much-needed strength. Being calm helps us make rational rather than emotional decisions. It also keeps us sane longterm. Meditate, watch your favourite movie, sleep when you need to, talk to friends who inspire you, start a video channel – whatever inspires you.
  6. Learn to take better care of your health. Our Far Infrared Mineral Wraps are fantastic for cleansing the body and boosting immunity. You can learn to do them on yourself by enrolling on one of our courses or if you would like to try them first, book a treatment with us.

P.S. This is an update to my post – it was indeed Covid-19 infection that I had in March. I lost my sense of smell. They say it’s one of the symptoms. And I am still coughing. I will write a separate post on how it goes and what has helped me recover.


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