Mineral Therapy Treatments

Mineral therapy treatments - a woman wrapped up in a far infrared blanketMinerals – the Source of Life on Earth

I first became interested in the healing properties of minerals in 2004 when I was first told a story about how a man was trying to help his wife treat a serious illness by applying clay to the affected area, with remarkable results. I am not trying to advocate using minerals instead of medical procedures. I am just sharing the story to help you understand why I started learning about the Earth’s Humble Healers.

Minerals are precursors of life on Earth and are the basic building blocks of all inorganic and organic matter. Our body is a virtual ocean, containing about 60 chemical elements, 25 of which are thought to play an active part in body processes. However, not all the chemical elements are needed, and some – mercury, caesium, cadmium – are highly toxic, and others – plutonium, vanadium, radium and polonium – are radioactive.

Fortunately, normally our bodies contain only trace amounts of toxic and radioactive chemicals. This is where clays become so useful, with their detoxifying power, which works through absorption and cation exchange. Based on years of research into the powers of mineral healing, we have developed a range of mineral-based treatments – we call them Mineral Therapy treatments.

Mineral Therapy Treatments

Shortly after I started researching the healing properties of minerals, I started thinking about using them in my treatments. This is how an idea of using far infrared in combination with minerals came to my mind and how Far Infrared Mineral Wraps came into existence.

One of them, Far Infrared Mineral Clay Detox Wrap uses clay to promote transdermal detox. This happens thanks to the clay’s property called cation exchange. Far infrared has the ability to penetrate thick skin layers stimulating the body into releasing toxins. Far infrared stimulates the process of releasing toxins speeding up their expulsion.

Salts form a big part of the mineral group. Most used salts in natural treatments are sodium or magnesium-based. They are absorbed by the body easily, via the process called “osmosis”, and the body only takes what it needs. The most popular mineral salts are magnesium-based: magnesium chloride and magnesium sulphate (Epsom salt).

We use magnesium oil (magnesium chloride solution) in our Magnesium wraps and Magnesium Oil Massage. Both procedures are thoroughly relaxing and have a large list of therapeutic benefits that come with magnesium supplementation and mind and body relaxation.

Our Mineral Weight Loss Wraps work by stimulating the body cells and freeing them of toxins while relaxing the body and replenishing it quickly with magnesium. The wraps work best in conjunction with a healthy nutrition regime and exercise, and for the best effect, at least 4 wrap treatments need to be booked.

The Far Infrared Remineralising and Rejuvenating Seaweed Wraps aim to promote mineral balance and rejuvenation through the use of far infrared, seaweed and clay.

All the mineral therapy treatments were developed by Galina St George.  Here is more information about them:

Mineral Therapy treatments have a huge potential to heal the body through detox, relaxation of all the body tissues, remineralisation and by providing the most luxurious experience to anyone who tries it.

If you have any questions, I would love to hear from you. Use the form to contact me. If you are interested in learning about how to do the mineral therapy treatments, let me know.

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