How I Cured My Painful Knee – Mini-Study, Part 2

Sports woman - painful knee In my previous post, I wrote how I developed a very painful knee condition as a result of riding a bicycle every day after a long break. My knees got inflamed. I believe what I had was tendonitis – an inflammation of the tendons supporting the knee joint.

When this happens, my knees get misaligned and this makes the problem a lot worse. I then have to wear elastic bandages to support my knee joints and minimise the strain on the bones, further damage and of course, the pain. The tissues become swollen and inflamed.

If you’ve ever had knee problems you must know that the joints take a long time to heal. Going downstairs is especially painful but any kind of movement puts them under a lot of strain.

After trying a lot of other ways to reduce inflammation and pain I decided to start making a cocktail of powders and also some food supplements in capsules. I’d known for some time that natural remedies such as glucosamine sulphate and collagen were great for our joints. They are said to participate in restoring the cartilage and reducing inflammation. They also help to lubricate the joints.

Apart from collagen and glucosamine, I was also adding MSM powder (an anti-inflammatory), diatomaceous earth (for its detoxifying action) and spirulina. I was also taking magnesium, calcium and vitamin D supplements daily. I am going to post the full recipe of my health cocktail.

I’ve been taking all of these for a few weeks now. I started feeling improvements after about 7 days into the treatment. I stopped cycling for about 3 weeks but have resumed now. I went on gentle walks as soon as my knees started getting better, to keep them working. I’ve now restarted my cycling.

I am happy to say that I am now free from pain and inflammation. Going upstairs and downstairs has become much easier and cycling is a lot more enjoyable these days. I do realise that to benefit fully I need to lose about 2 stones in weight. I am going to work on it next.

I must say that my son has started drinking the cocktail too and has seen interesting effects from it. His hair has become thicker and the hairline has got back to what it was (his hair was receding which he felt very conscious about).

I believe that it’s helped me in many ways too. First of all, I have a lot more energy and mental clarity. It’s too early to say whether it has made my hair thicker – I will let you know in a few more weeks since it’s not short like my son’s. But the general pick-me-up effect has been fantastic. I feel a lot healthier now.

I’ll publish another update in about 4 weeks. In the meantime, here is the recipe for my miracle cocktail that has helped my knees and to recover and has boosted my health in many ways:

My Recipe for Knee Pain & Inflammation

Ingredients (makes 300ml of cocktail)

  1. Hydrolysed collagen – 1 heaped tablespoon (vegan collagen is available too)
  2. MSM powder (daily allowance, as per packet instructions)
  3. Glucosamine sulphate ((daily allowance, as per packet instructions)
  4. Diatomaceous earth (1 heaped tablespoon)
  5. Spirulina (1 teaspoon)
  6. Ginger extract (daily allowance, as per packet instructions)
  7. Glutamine (daily allowance, as per packet instructions)
  8. Turmeric powder (half a teaspoon)
  9. Warm water – half a glass
  10. Vitamin C powder (half a teaspoon)
  11. Vitamin B3 powder niacinamide (daily allowance, as per packet instructions)
  12. Mix well, top up with apple or freshly squeezed orange juice.

As I’ve already mentioned, I also take magnesium, calcium and vitamin D, ashwagandha as well as probiotics and prebiotics (Inulin). I also apply magnesium oil on my knees to relieve pain and inflammation. Sometimes I make a compress with clay and magnesium oil. Sometimes it’s an Epsom salt bath that helps me best.

These are my personal choices and remedies that help me. You may not be able to take some of them. For example, Ashwagandha should not be taken by people who are on thyroid medication. So if you decide to take any of these powders or all of them and have a health condition, do check if you can with your GP.

I recommend getting these supplements from Amazon for a number of reasons. I use Amazon because it offers next-day delivery and is quite strict about what can and cannot be sold on its platform, so you are much less likely to get poor quality products.

I’ve adjusted my diet and have introduced more vegetables into my diet. I make a large bowl of salad for dinner and have cucumber, celery and carrot stalks with houmous when feeling hungry.

And I have resumed my cycling which is great for strengthening knee joints. I just listen to my body a bit more now and if it feels too strenuous I dismount the bike and walk uphill.

You must be reading this because you or someone you know needs help. Let me know if you have any questions.

P.S.You may want to check out this bioenergetic imprinting treatment for knee and joint pain. It is based on NASA light technology and claims to have scientific research behind it, with very interesting results.


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