7 Reasons to Use Far Infrared at Least Once a Week

There are many reasons to use far infrared for better health. First of all, far infrared is not some recent technological invention. It is part of nature. The sun emits far infrared, and so do humans and animals. Far infrared is an invisible spectre of sunlight of between 4-1000 microns – the longest of the infrared range. Only the smallest range is useful to us though – 6-14 microns.  80% of far infrared is produced by the sun.

It is not only the sun that produces far infrared – our body does too. When we are ill, the production of far infrared is diminished, which makes the metabolic rate slow down. We start to feel cold and lack energy as a result. Far infrared supports all the life processes in the cell.

Can far infrared affect the body when it comes from outside it? The short answer is – yes. Unlike ordinary heat, far infrared goes deep into the body, penetrating many layers of skin and muscle, even reaching body organs. Having done so, it stimulates every cell it gets in contact with.  This is why it is so important for recovery.


7 Reasons to use far infrared at least once a week

  1. Weight loss – by stimulating cellular activity, far infrared boosts metabolism and removal of metabolic waste and carbon dioxide, while speeding up delivery of nutrients and oxygen to cells. Check out our Far Infrared Weight Loss Wrap.
  2. Detoxification – far infrared stimulates blood circulation and sweating, thus promoting removal of toxins through the skin. Check out our Far Infrared Clay Detox Wrap.
  3. Anti-ageing – far infrared promotes shedding of the upper layers of the skin and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Removal of toxins, many of which are oxidants, makes the body work more efficiently and slows down ageing. Check out our Far Infrared Rejuvenating Seaweed Wrap.
  4. Relaxation and stress relief – far infrared warms up the body deep down, thus relaxing every cell it reaches. This means muscles of the outside of our body, as well as the inside – such as the heart muscle and smooth muscles of the blood vessels. It also relaxes the nerve tissue. All this induces a profound feeling of relaxation which in turn helps to relieve stress and tension. Check out our Transdermal Magnesium Therapy.
  5. Pain relief – far infrared stimulates all the body tissues into healing themselves, which promotes pain relief. It also promotes the production of dophamines – the substances which help the brain deal with pain. Check out our Far Infrared Magnesium Pain Relief Wrap.
  6. Immune system booster – far infrared promotes the production of the blood cells which help to fight infection. It also strengthens body defences which ensure that bacteria, fungal and viral organisms don’t get through them.
  7. Mental health – far infrared helps the brain unwind and relax, promoting sleep and a feeling of well-being. It also stimulates the life force in the body. All of this helps to keep our mind agile and healthy.

How can we get far infrared?

There are a number of ways far infrared can be absorbed by the body:

  1. Exposure to the sun – this has to be done with care though since the sun also emits harmful UV rays.
  2. Sauna – it is one of the most ancient and tested ways to promote body health by giving it a far infrared boost. Natural saunas are the best. However, if this is not an option, most health clubs now have far infrared saunas in them.
  3. Sauna blanket – this is the easiest way to use far infrared at home or in a clinic environment.



At Pure Nature Cures School of Mineral & Spa Therapies, we have developed a range of Far Infrared Wraps which address a number of health issues using health benefits of the device and minerals – magnesium, other salts, clays, seaweed, zeolite and other products. We teach therapists and members of the public how to perform them. The training is based online, so you can study the treatments from any part of the world.  Learn more here.


4 Comments on "7 Reasons to Use Far Infrared at Least Once a Week"

  1. Sounds quite scary, doesn’t it, Jan? 😀 I personally prefer to use far infrared in a sauna when I can. However, where other products are used as well, the blanket is more practical since it ensures that the product stays in place. This is where the wraps are so useful. And now that it’s getting colder, they are also a great way to warm up and relax aching joints, as well as top up important minerals, such as magnesium. Thank you for commenting! 🙂


  2. When you first mentioned far infra-red, I had visions of ray guns… I really love the idea of sauna wraps with minerals. It sounds very relaxing and rejuvenating!
    Thanks for pointing out the health benefits, Galina. I wish I lived closer now 🙂


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