What I Used to Help My Painful Knee

How I cured my painful knee in only four daysA painful knee is not only uncomfortable – it can literally stop us in our tracks – from doing everyday tasks to being unable to walk and exercise. Besides, it can last for weeks, and sometimes much longer.

Having relied on magnesium salts for well over a decade, I am a huge fan of this simple but powerful remedy. Don’t get me wrong – I am not trying to say that magnesium salt is a cure-all miracle. But it’s pretty close I’d say! 🙂

The more I learn about magnesium, the more I am convinced that many problems would not exist if we were all bathing in magnesium baths or even applying magnesium oil on ourselves at least twice a week.

Using magnesium oil for my own painful knee

A few days ago I strained my left knee muslces while cycling. A day later I couldn’t move without feeling pain around the knee cup. Even walking became a chore, let alone cycling! I used a knee support to stablise it, but it didn’t help with pain or inflammation. So I started thinking about possible solutions. The first one which came to my mind was to use magnesium oil around my painful knee.

I have magnesium oil in my house both upstairs and downstairs, and it’s always at hand. So I applied it by hand over my knee throughout the day and before going to bed. It’s interesting how quickly magnesium oil works – so much faster than various ointments I have tried. The effect is long lasting too. My explanation for it is that it relaxes muscles helping them to become softer. This in turn brings about faster recovery.


Results after 4 days

Four days have passed since I started using magnesium oil for my painful knee. Results so far: the inflammation and swelling have now gone. I still have a bit of tension around the knee, but the pain is well below what it used to be. Apart from applying magnesium oil, I also massage my knee muscles to improve their elasticity. There is still some way to go before the knee becomes fully flexible, but the main outcome is that both pain and inflammation are no longer there.

As I have said, magnesium may not be an anwer to you problems. Sometimes the damage goes well beyond muscles and becomes structural. This is the case with osteoarthritis for example. But even in such cases magnesium oil brings a lot of relief. I know this because my own mother has been using magnesium oil for years now, and it helps her to manage pain and inflammation. I also hear from my clients how they cannot live without magnesium oil having tried it once.

How you can help yourself

If you have acute pain, get yourself checked out to make sure you haven’t dislocated your knee or torn a ligament.  If a problem is similar to mine (not severe), then rest your knee, apply support and use magnesium salts regularly.

There are a number of ways to use magnesium salts for a painful knee:

  • Hand applications: apply magnesium oil on an affected joint by hand 2-3 times a day.
  • Compress: mix 2 tablespoonful of magnesium salt with 150ml of warm water, soak a piece of cloth, squeeze gently, apply on the knee, wrap it up with clingfilm and a warm scarf around it. The compress can stay on for a couple of hours or even overnight.
  • Far infrared magnesium wrap: unless your knee is inflamed, a far infrared wrap application can help to speed up recovery. Do it locally too if you have a far infrared device specifically for small areas. Apply magnesium oil by hand, wrap up the knee with a clingfilm, wrap up with the far infrared device on gentle heat. Leave on for 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Bath – if you have ample supplies of magnesium chloride flakes, Epsom or Dead Sea salt, then taking a warm bath would be not only pleasant, but beneficial both for the knee and the whole body.

Read more about healing powers of magnesium on magnesiumoil.org.uk. Consider investing into a bulk supply (from 25kg) of magnesium chloride flakes if you are after longterm results and enjoy taking baths.

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